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Equal Justice in DUI Cases? It All Depends

Justice isnt necessarily equal for people charged with drunk driving. Where a driver is arrested, whether he can afford a lawyer, which lawyer he hires, which judge the case is assigned to — all can have a tremendous effect on the outcome. The Miami Herald found...

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The Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust is supposed to be a trustworthy outfit. Ms. M. Ronquillo, a former secretary there, is hardly the best example. State attorney investigators busted her for felony grand theft. Allegedly, Ms. Ronquillo ripped off the...

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Man Charged with Taking Money, But Not Doing the Work

Surfside police say a con artist bilked several residents out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for construction work he never completed. by Casey Woods Surfside police have arrested a man on fraud charges, saying he took thousands of dollars from...

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