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Roger S. Elkind

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Criminal Law

Misdemeanors and Felonies


I have handled thousands of criminal cases in every courtroom in South Florida. For over 30 years I have built an excellent reputation as a criminal defense attorney. I have handled everything from petty theft to fraud and DUI.

After 30 years my approach has evolved into a proven method. I analyze the case facts, assess the strengths as well as the weaknesses surrounding your statements and circumstances, and then develop a strategy for collapsing the evidence against you. Every client at some point in their case is put into a position to win.

Just see my case victories.

It is my goal to handle your case with the same high level of skill that I am known for with all of my cases. See what my former clients have to say, and reach out to me. 


Perjury & Obstruction of Justice

Carrying a Concealed Firearm

Domestic Violence

Possession of Cocaine

Possession of Marijuana

Fraud, Forgery & Worthless Checks

Grand Theft

Burglary and Trespassing

Drug Trafficking

DWI Manslaughter

Assault and Battery


Sex Offenses

Arson & Criminal Mischief


Child Abuse