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Attorney Roger Elkind Client Reviews

I am so happy I found Mr. Elkins and hired him as my attorney. When I first met Roger he came to my home. He then told me about his experience in the court here in South Florida. Which is extensive. He took a look at my tickets, asked me some questions about my arrest, and the procedures of the officer. So I told him the story

I was in a small accident on Kendall Drive when someone cut me off and I rear-ended them . A trooper came and did some field sobriety test on me as I had the smell of beer on my breath . I was then asked to do a breathalyzer test which I refused as I wasn’t sure I wasn’t over at the .08 legal limit. I have had two DUIs in the past the last one was over 10 years ago . So I was arrested for DUI for refusal to blow

Rodger explained to me that I had 10 days with carrying the ticket to drive legally . He then told me he would take it to court in what is called a official review . He applied for the official review and I got a temporary license carry on paper until the date of the court official review this went on at least three times until he finally won the case for the official review this caused me not to get a one-year suspension on my license for refusal to blow in the breathalyzer

As I awaited my case to go to court Rodger kept me informed of all the work he was doing he had gone to court on my behalf several times in which I didn’t need to show up . He had worked on the evidence gathered by the trooper what witnesses there were and told me exactly what I needed to do with my insurance company to keep these witnesses happy . He made several motions on my behalf , when my court date arrived well those witnesses didn’t even show up and Rodger told me that without them The trooper add no proof that I was behind the wheel . Success!!! Case dismissed . Thank you so much Roger!
It sounds simple right? But without Roger and all his hard work I could have been in jail for up to 3 months. And had 4 more DUI’s on my record. Roger knew the laws and the courts, the System. And how to Win !

In short I was always informed of the case progress, and all I had to do was let him do his work. I was confident and frankly at ease through the whole thing.

What a Great decision I made in hiring Rodger Elkind

jonathan miller

I’ve been using Roger for 17 years nothing but excellence great out come on my cases I highly recommend him thanks for your service your the best

fortnite tv

Roger truly delivered everything he promised. I got into a bad spot with some traffic tickets that snowballed into a larger issue that could have cost me my drivers license.
He got ALL charges dismissed. Roger is honest and direct, and very easy to work with. He provided reassurance and support at a time when I was stressed and scared. I recommend his services 100%!

Amy M.

I used Roger for a federal case and it was dropped in no time, even the judge was surprised. Roger promised me a smooth process and he delivered ten times over.
I HIGHLY recommend Roger for any legal case you may have. He is kind, professional and efficient. Thanks for the hard work Roger!!!

John Everyman

Roger won my father’s DUI case , and was incredibly understanding throughout the whole process, especially with being more then reasonable with pricing, I highly recommend Roger.

Yale .C

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Roger Elkind since 2008, and having him as my attorney. Since then he’s always handled every traffic case I’ve had with amazing results, and he’s the attorney you want fighting on your behalf. The results speak for themselves, I’ve been recommending him to everyone for years family & friends. He knows traffic/DUI law better than anyone, and can guide you the right direction. It’s 2020 and I’ve only had good experiences with him, you won’t be disappointed he’s affordable, knowledgeable, and the best attorney around period.

Garrett Arnone

Roger Elkind came highly recommended from a work colleague. Having spoken with a few different lawyers before, I was doubtful that anyone could help but took the chance and called him. Within just minutes of explaining my predicament, Roger immediately knew exactly how to proceed and was extremely knowledgeable about the kind of situation I was in. He was able to quickly get a handle on everything and reach a resolution that I didn’t think was possible. Without Roger’s expertise and drive to get the best result, I’m convinced that things would be very different. I would highly recommend Roger to anyone.

Tommy Jimenez

My first case with Roger was a DUI 20 years ago, after 3 years and an appeal the case was dismissed! I would send him a traffic ticket every few years, always great results. Had another case unrelated to traffic which he was able to get dismissed as well.

A few months ago, I fell asleep on the wheel resulting in the total loss of my car. I charged with a DUI. Roger once again got the case dismissed! Roger takes it personal. Every case matters and merritts his personal and undivided attention all the way to the end. I now consider him a friend! I had a few friends who didn’t go with Roger, spent a lot more money only to have their lawyer negotiate down to a lesser charge. Wouldn’t go with anyone else! Thank you very much Mr. Elkind.

Miguel Machuca

Roger has been an incredible support to me, my family, and friends. He is a trusty adviser and reliable friend. His wealth of knowledge is evident in your initial interactions which is so comforting. He is honest and straightforward. He has courageously and professionally helped us in a variety of circumstances, from simple traffic offenses to more complex cases. Thank you Roger for all of your help these past few years!

Vanessa G.

Thank you Mr. roger.
It was great work in my case and kind person, professional. The case was closed after first court day. Very responsible price.

Mohamed Ak

Roger Elkind was my lawyer for the past two years and it has truly been an humbeling experience. He is very professional and consistent. Despite multiple set backs as a result pro longed mycase, he never complained nor did he give up. I highly recommend Roger Elkind to anyone that just simply needs help. He is very informative and compassionate towards his clients. By the grace of God and the help of Roger, I AM FREE!
Sagine Louis

I used Roger on a civil case regarding a contract dispute. Roger was great, Always professional, courteous, honest and to the point, I couldn’t ask for a better result. If you are ever in need of an attorney I would highly recommend Roger Elkind

Roger Elkind is a life saver! He is a fantastic lawyer, who knows exactly how to fight for you. I won’t lie… when I first came across Roger Elkind I was a little skeptical on how much he could actually do for me due to the severity of my charges. Safe to say he performed above and beyond on all my charges. He’s fair and so are his prices.
Alexis Cuascut

Mr. Elkind was very professional, affordable. and went to great lengths to give me assistance. He gave what he promised.
I highly teccomend him, and will be able to use his services in varying legal complications that msy arise in the future . I very lucky to have found him.
Elizabeth Clark

What can you ask for in the worst moment of your life. To have some one next to you who is strong minded and willing to fight for you with great understanding. When it came down my family’s worst moment Roger was the only attorney that answer my call on my first call. There wasn’t a 24hr wait to get a call back to me with a quote. Roger was ready, he gave me options and assistance in how to start my journey. He stayed in contact with me throughout the whole ordeal. Always responded to my messages same day. He stayed professional through our emotional roller coaster. Kept fight even when we were losing faith. We came out of this with what people call a “Miracle” but I know that I have chosen the right attorney for this. We didn’t see eye to eye all the way but he kept our best interested in mind and that is all you can ask for. I would definitely recommend this attorney to anyone in need.
Lorena Perdomo

I was skeptical at first due to the severity of the case but I couldn’t asked for a great attorney. Roger Elkind diligently worked on my case and assist me during school. After a year of working late nights filing motions and creating the best defense of this case. The charges got reduced to reckless driving, which I’m satisfied to accept. Now I can move on and do bigger and better things in my life not having a DUI on my record
Herven Seraphin

Mr. Elkind was my attorney for my DUI case, he’s very dedicated and has a strong will to defend you in court. I’ve gained a lot of confidence in Mr. Elkind on how professional and strategic he was on my case. Mr. Elkind presented 30 years wealth of experience on law, on my case he noticed a lot of errors on the police reports and done his research, he works thoroughly in my case and keeps me updated on a daily basis. The state attorney was a fierce competitor, determine to have a DUI and reckless driving in my record. Mr. Elkind fought long and hard for me and as a result I received a reckless driving on my record. Tears of joy came down my face knowing that I have a second chance in life all because of Roger elkind I will never forget the service he has done. In Broward county its tough when it come to DUI cases and you need a tough lawyer like Roger elkind to defend you!!! thank you Rodger for all that you’ve done now I can resume my life on becoming a Physical Therapist and start a family.
Romel Antoine

Roger was recommended by one of my neighbors and boy did he not disappoint. I had a fairly big suspended license case which he was able to resolve in a timely manner at a great rate! He absolutely went above and beyond to resolve the issues in counter during the case to guarantee the best outcome possible. Great dude, but even better lawyer A+++ all the way.
Jose Urena

The only reason I couldn’t give 5 stars was because he does not speak Spanish. We bumped heads at times because of the lack of understanding but through it all he kept explaining it and taking his time out to meet with me. In the end it work out great and I am extremely happy with his service.
Maria M

Mr Elkind kept me involved and explained every part of my case to me in great detail. He did a great job and I highly recommend his counsel.
Andrew Alcazar

He is a good lawyer. very smart .. the most incredible thing was that he sees the future. the judge said everything he told me weeks ago. I recommend him. We won the case in less than 15 minutes .. Roger Elkind my lawyer Forever.
Brianna Cevallos

Roger Elkind has been my attorney in two cases with excellent results, very professional. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for legal help!
Nicolas Roman

Great lawyer and easy to deal with

Originally Roger came Highly recommended to me by a friend of mine. A few years ago, I was arrested for a DUI.
i really wanted to find the best lawyer in Miami to represent me. I hired Roger.
Immediately upon hiring him, I felt comfortable that i made the right choice with him representing me.
He was always keeping me up to date with my case and any new findings that would help me win. Not only is Roger very diligent in his work, he works extremely hard and takes advantage of every minute of the day by working to help you with your problems. He is very hardworking and experienced with the law and because of his dedication and hard work we were able to win my case. After waiting for one year to go to trial i became very nervous and did not want to receive any further jail time. Roger reassured me every step of the way that we would beat this case. We did.
Going of forward I would not trust any one else to help me with any traffic violations and/ or any other legal matters. He is wonderful and i highly recommend Roger Elkind for all of your legal matters.
Mandy Flask

Roger is professional, helped me with a traffic citation and got the case dismissed. I never stepped foot in court, payment arrangements were made easy and he was able to prove that I was in the right. I’d use him again but hope I never have to.
Craigslist Wars

Roger Elkind has been helping me with my credit for the past two years. He’s been extremely helpful and his prices are very reasonable. He answers all calls and questions very quickly and I recommend him to anybody looking for legal help. He’s been a lawyer for over 25 years and he practices all types of law. I’ve referred him to friends and family and they’ve also been very satisfied with his service.
Camilo Zambrano

My husband and I have used Roger Elkind for criminal case as well as speeding tickets He was extremely helpful in making us understand all aspects of our cases. He answered all our questions and I was never left feeling unsure about any decision Roger had to make on our behalf. Roger is very reliable and understanding. you get your money’s worth with a lawyer like Roger. We trust Roger Elkind He has been in business for over 20 years.
Jacqueline Marshall

Roger S. Elkind is an amazing attorney. He is very professional and has a great sense of humor. I felt very comfortable dealing with him and I trust his advisement and legal experience. He worked very hard on my DUI case and was able to accomplish what seemed impossible. Great work ethic, great attorney!
Alex St Fleur

Roger took my DUI case even though the incident occurred in Orlando. He was extremely helpful in making me understand all aspects and outcomes of my case. He answered all my questions and I was never left feeling unsure about his level of dedication to it. I decided to take my case to trial and Roger went out of his way to leave town to be present for it. I couldn’t have wanted a better DUI attorney to represent me because he is an outstanding fighter in the court room. I was found not guilty and was able to move on with my life from a terrible mistake.
Ashlee Soflyy

Very experienced and helpful, Roger has been my Attorney for many cases and I’ve had nothing but great service. As a criminal or Traffic Lawyer he has great rates and is flexible with payments. I would highly recommend him and I do to all my family and friends as well.
Youtube Tube

Words can not describe how fortunate I was to retain ROGER ELKIND as my attorney. As bizarre as my case was, he was able to put his years of EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE to work. I live in Miami, FL and my case was out of Stuart, FL. He tackled my case against ALL ODDS, traveled to Stuart several times WITH ME and kept me apprised every step of the way. His way of maneuverability through the case was SECOND TO NONE. My initial charges were Dropped and downgraded to reckless driving. Believe me when I tell you , I was against all odds and ATTORNEY ROGER ELKIND PROVED HIS REPUTATION…SECOND TO NONE.

Roger Torres

After meeting Roger four years ago he is now my go to lawyer for anything and I have recommended him to friends as well who were equally pleased with his results and hard work. In my case Roger worked well above and beyond, we had to go to court a lot, during that process I saw other lawyers taking what looked to be the easy plea and shortened their work load. Roger wouldn’t do that he had great instincts, works with everyone within the court and police really well, and will keep trying until he gets the best possible result.

I am very pleased with everything he has helped me with from bigger cases to minor traffic tickets. I trust him which is hard today with so many lawyers basically harassing you after such cases.

I found him because of great reviews and case summaries on his website and called him, he met me right away at a place convenient for me, gave me a free evaluation and was very clear of the price and where our expectations should be, what could happen in best and worst case scenarios (for me the best case scenario worked out in the end). He was understanding of my budget and allowed me to set up a payment plan that worked with my income. Recently I got a speeding ticket and he took care of it leaving me with no points on my license and I paid less that half of what the ticket cost, and don’t have to deal with going to court myself. So now with any case or ticket or friend, I just call Roger and know that he will know what to do.

Erin Money

In may of 2011 I was charged with 4 duis(due to injuries that two motorcyclist sustained and property damage on multiple vehicles) and possession of marijuana.I was looking at one year in jail and my license suspended for five years.Even though I stupidly submitted to road side sobriety test and breathalyzer test,Mr Roger Elkind STILL won the case in court due to recognizing the utter incompetence of the officers involved in my cases.Im confident a less experienced attorney would have over seen this blunder and wouldnt have been able to capitalize on it.Unfortunately due to the preponderance of evidence the state had against me they appealed the case and won in appellate court.Even still,Mr Elkind secured me a very generous deal that involved no jail time and a license suspension of only 9 months,significantly better then what i was originally facing.God forbid any of my friends or family find themselves in trouble with the law or need a family or divorce lawyer,I would 100% recommend Mr Elkind to represent them in court.

Nelson Anthony

I have retained Roger Elkind several times and have been very pleased with the results. I consider him to be an expert attorney and recommend him.

Maria R

I’ve known Mr. Elkind over 20 years !! I’ve used his services for small and large legal actions, he does the best for my money be it a felony case or a speedin ticket , I would refer him to anybody that needs a good lawyer ! very aggressive in the courtroom , is what I liked to see for my money !! do not be fooled by imitation lawyers, roger is the best thing for your situation !!!!!

Lerch Boy

Used Roger like 20 years ago when I was a dumb kid and got myself in trouble. He was very helpful and understanding and got me out of a big mess.Id recommend him to anyone

Randy Garcia

This lawyer is very kind explains everything with luxury and detail. It is also pending everything until your case is resolved. Always answer the concerns full time.

Tamy Ms

Almost got crazy when I had to face those problems that were consequences from my son’s misbehaviors! He was drinking and, ‘cause he is an irresponsible man, he took his car and started driving. The police stopped him and arrested. Then, he called me and I had to look for a lawyer who could help me to take him out of the police station. At the beginning I did not know who I could trust to, but I was lucky to know that Miami has one of the best DUI lawyers! …Then, I called and I told Sir Roger about my son’s case and he started to study all the motions to see how to he could save my boy. After some time, we went to the court and he defended my boy because there were some things the police was not careful with. Then, the police didn’t have anything else to say and my boy got his freedom and psychological punishment. …When I arrived home with my son, let him know how pissed off I was! He has to understand that every action has a consequence, no matter how and where the action was, consequences have to be faced!. He listened to me and he promised me he was not going to drink after drinking. And a year after, my boy got crashed again! That case I let him try to defend himself. I don’t understand why irresponsible people have cars!!! Thank you Sir Roger!!


I was looking for a DUI lawyer and I got myself into a bad situation, so i went online to read reviews about the different lawyers that specialize in DUI cases. After reading reviews and asking around i decided to call Mr. Elkind and it was the best decision I have made regarding my DUI. From the moment i spoke with Mr. Elkind i realized that i had found the right individual. I put my trust and future in the hands of Mr. Elkind and it was worth it. I had great advice from him and when he tells you to trust him, trust him because he is 100% right, listen to him! Thanks to him i have a second chance at doing the right thing!


Roger Elkind is a wonderful DUI lawyer in Miami! This guy saved me from the worst things that could happen to me after a huge mistake that my family has not been able to forget. I have been very ashamed with them because i never meant what i did but unfortunately things happen and i had to look for a DUI lawyer that could give me my life back and let me continue with it. So, as soon as i knew about him, i called him and he was in charge of my case! My case was dismissed and i got a lesson of life! Thanks Roger!


Being a DUI lawyer is a hard job to have! I think that it’s difficult to defend people who in most of cases are guilty for their irresponsibility but there also are some others who did not have any intentions and were accused or arrested…In my case, I was not doing anything wrong and when I was stopped by the police, I got off my car and I just found difficult to keep standing up for few seconds…Well, thanks to Roger Elkind, the most extraordinary DUI lawyer in Miami that I could have met in my life, I am alive and free! I learnt my lesson but at the same time, the police learnt too!


Great Experience. Very Talented Lawyer and Very Very Thorough. Thanks again Roger!


Roger Elkind was the right DUI lawyer! I knew it when I met him and I saw how he was going to work with me and I could trust him easily. Unfortunately I made mistakes but at the same time being a DUI defendant is a way to show other people what they should not do. I wanted to thank Roger Elkind with this review! You can imagine how my life has changed!


If lawyers like Roger Elkind were in tons, then, people would not do silly actions like driving after drinking! Isn’t right? I have always think that people who are good are few and this DUI lawyer is an example of that kind of professional that was not born in big quantities! I really admire this guy!


You are entirely right!!! If someone dares to say something negative about this DUI lawyer is because that person did not deserve to be defended! I like this DUI lawyer and I really think he is so good that no one be compared!



Roger Elkind has been a nice and interesting lawyer in different cases in Miami. He could say that it’s reliable and responsible enough to start a case with him but I am not entirely sure since I have seen just some cases where people make the huge mistake to drive after drinking, then, those people hire a DUI lawyer and expect to be released of being punished…Now, I don’t drink so how can I see this lawyer close? I have to wait till someone from my home make that insulting mistake!


Every time I hear this DUI lawyer’s name, I am sure the defendant will have his or her freedom very soon. This lawyer really has the necessary skills and things to get people conscious about the strong and difficult consequences of driving after drinking alcohol. I am completely sure that if someone dares to say something negative is because that person did not deserve to be defended!


How can your son crash you car again? It’s unbelievable that people can become so unaware of their actions but it’s true what you lived with your son, this DUI lawyer is incredibly good and reliable! In my experience, I could also win and I was surprised with his performance. He is very intelligent and prepared to face any kind of cases no matter when, where or who, he shows his love for his job and save people’s lives! I do like him a lot!


Great criminal lawyer. I hired him for my Impaired Driving charge in Miami and after several court dates he got the judge to throw the case out completely.



Well, after reading your experience, I realized you lived the same I did. If it weren’t for this DUI lawyer, I would not know how to get my life back when it went to the bottom of the sea and no hope was around. When I meet this lawyer, I did not know how everything was going to turn out but at the end this lawyer showed his potential and professional knowledge! I admire him as I love myself now, I promised my family this situation would not happen again!


Good aggressive defense lawyer – reasonably priced – answers calls all day – would use again.


Roger Elkind has been a kind of inspiration source for me! I think that this guy who is a very serious DUI lawyer in Miami after saving my life because my case was extremely difficult and hard for him and for me, my mistake was hard to get forgiven…Well, he is an inspiration source for me because through my experience, he showed me that when a human being is focused on doing good things, he or she does not have to be worried about the rest, good actions bring good consequences, and the rest are just obstacles to control!


No matter how times I see or hear about crimes and DUI situations, I know that Roger Elkind will go and fix everything up! He has shown my neighborhood the different ways to defend someone with a very nice ability to see opportunities where normally we don’t find anything. I am proud to have him in Miami with us!



Every time I hear DUI cases in Miami, I immediately linked the information with Roger Elkind, the best DUI lawyer in Miami. Well, this is my opinion about him because I have seen him acting in the court and I could see that he is what USA needs! Loyalty with his country, love for his patriots, respect to the laws and community! Anybody shouldn’t drink when driving!


I hate people who take advantage of their skills to manipulate other, therefore DUI consequences are making me crazy! I don’t like to hear people who are guilty trying to defend themselves when they know they were drunk and now they just want to be free. Thanks God Miami has this DUI attorney Roger Elkind, he has helped American people to be honest and be in charge of their responsibilities. Thumbs up!


DUI is a very common problem among young people and inconsiderate or immature adults. Therefore I have to say that I cannot congratulate this attorney in his job since he is forgetting the big issue behind letting a drunk walking on the streets! I can’t accept that!



I have never seen a better and more intelligent DUI lawyer in Florida! My brother was accused for DUI and he did not drink anything but he was very tired from the office, then the police arrested him because of his face and his inability to walk straight. Then this DUI lawyer clarified the situation and he could return to his office normally. Thanks


One I was driving my car and i was stopped by the police. I had drunk just one beer and one glass of wine and I was accused for DUI. The DUI attorney Roger helped me to defend my position by showing the court that the breath test wasn’t certificated of calibration and monthly. After some time I got my cv free of these accusations.


When it’s about excluding the breath test in cases when people are force to do it and no implications are serious or without evidence, this lawyer knows what to do! And I say it because my nephew was a victim of it!


Some people can blame police or blame the law, but the only thing that is true is that American people don’t like to have crimes without being solved, therefore one of the DUI attorneys that according to my experience and personal opinion is a very serious and adequate person to defend people when unfair things happen.